Are you interested in building your restaurant brand using public relations, but not really sure how to go about doing it?

Public relations can be an extremely useful tool for your business. Unfortunately, many restaurants are under the misconception that public relations are only for large restaurant chains or ones with huge budgets.

But, you really don’t need that big of a budget to run a successful public relations campaign. You just need a little creativity and a knack for identifying opportunities.

So just exactly what do you need to do to grow your restaurant brand with the help of public relations?

Read this article to discover our top five tips.


Press releases are the bread and butter of public relations.

But remember, your press release isn’t for your boss or for some high-end restaurant investor. It’s for your customers.

Be sure that you’re writing in a way that speaks to them.

Forget product details, company history, and fancy restaurant jargon. Instead, focus on crafting a compelling, newsworthy story.

Is there a special event at your restaurant coming up? Is someone famous set to make an appearance in your restaurant? Are you undergoing design renovations or launching a new menu?

Report about these topics to pique your customers’ interest.


Back in the prehistoric times before the internet, press releases were more so a tool to gain press coverage and score interviews.

Nowadays, press releases tend to be more helpful in terms of SEO.

And we all know how big keywords are when it comes to SEO. Of course, your press release should still follow the same standard guidelines it normally does. However, don’t forget about targeting specific keywords.

Pick ones that you have a chance to rank for, and be sure to include them in your headline. 


If you establish yourself as an authority in your industry, you’ll become the go-to person for the latest industry updates, trends, and happenings for bloggers and journalists.

But establishing yourself obviously isn’t an overnight process.

In order to get your name out there, you should be constantly producing quality content for your blog, making appearances on radios shows and podcasts, and building relationships with industry leaders and media persons.


Sponsoring a well-known, area musician, artist, or athlete is a great way for your restaurant to gain some visibility.

Don’t just sponsor anyone, however. Make sure the person is someone who identifies with your restaurant’s brand and that they make a good cultural fit. This person will serve as a walking billboard for your brand, so do be sure that they aren’t anyone who will cause trouble or controversy.


Got a compelling story about your restaurant that you’re excited to share with the world?

A press release isn’t the only option for sharing it. You can turn a release into a newsletter or blog post. This blog post can be turned into an infographic. This infographic can be turned into a short video.

You get the idea. If you’ve got a compelling story, run with it on as many mediums as possible.


Got any questions about building your brand using PR? Drop us a comment below.

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