FUZEvr is our interactive studio. Leveraging the power of the latest innovations in Virtual Reality, 3D animation, and multimedia event experiences, our team can craft an immersive and branded experience to remember.

At FUZE, we are very excited to feature our cost-effective, web-based, VR Solutions for Foodservice Experiences.

Leveraging the power of Unreal Engine, these are architecturally MEP accurate and built around BIM and Revit standards. These can be guided tours with groups or self-guided experiences and are fully cross-platform (PC, MAC, tablet, mobile, and VR headsets).


  • For Foodservice Consultants and Architects, these experiences are perfect for design-stage project reviews, showcasing equipment options, and supporting pre-sales / RFP efforts.
  • For Manufacturers and Dealers, this is ideal for showcasing equipment to consultants and operators, and for equipment training for support and service providers.
  • Owners/Operators can leverage the same experiences post-construction for staff virtual training on equipment.

These fully-immersive, interactive 3D experiences engage key stakeholders at every level of design for roughly the same costs as many static 3D renders, and in many cases, can be produced in under a few weeks.

Let’s demonstrate how our VR Foodservice Experience can help Ignite Your Foodservice Brand.