Marketing automation is no longer optional. You need it to surpass your competition. In this post we’re discussing 7 automation tips to generate more leads!

There’s one thing preventing your company from beating the competition — your marketing.

But marketing automation can help take your business to the next level.

Of course, the number one benefit of marketing automationis to generate new and better leads.

Here are seven tips for marketing automation that can help you stand out from your rivals:

1. Lead Nurturing

Did you know companies that master lead nurturing generate up to 50% more sales?

A B2B company must periodically engage customers through personalized communications, and B2B marketing automation can help you create a series of marketing campaigns.

As a result, you can build stronger relationship with potential customers.

Encourage interaction, and they may respond once they are ready to buy from you again.

So, while a customer might not want to buy from you today, they could six months down the line if you nurture your leads.

2. Lead Scoring

Are you tired of following up on fruitless leads?

That’s where lead scoring comes in. It allows your team to focus on following up on the best leads at that time.

As a result, you can boost your conversion rate whilst shortening your sales cycle.

3. Personalized Content Marketing

It’s so important to make every customer feel like a VIP. And you can do this with personalized content marketing.

A customer wants to believe they are more than a number to your business.

That’s why personalized B2B marketing automation is essential.

It allows you to talk directly to the customer, while providing the right content at the right time.

By creating content based on their user profiles, you can produce relevant marketing.

Not only will this improve your lead score, but it can improve your ROI.

Don’t forget to capture their attention with visual content, too!

4. The Customer Journey

You cannot automate content if you don’t know when to send it.

That’s why you need to identify the customer journey to send your content at the perfect time.

For instance, did a small catering company buy items from you?

They might hope to upgrade their products or services in 12 months. So schedule a follow-up email for around 8 or 9 months, and catch them as they consider their options.

You’ll increase your chances of converting that lead into a conversion!

5. Test Everything

Just one marketing gaffe alone can cut your profits.

While your B2B marketing automation campaign may be automated, it’s still managed by humans like you.

Human errors happen. So it’s vital to test everything to see if the automation flows well and is consistent with your brand.

Don’t forget to check how it’s performing with real customers, so you can make changes when needed.

6. Start Tagging

B2B marketing reporting can be the most laborious part of the process.

But, to make your life a little easier, you can leverage tagging to categorize your programs.

For instance, you could introduce a tagging system that allows you to categorize by:

  • Location
  • Product or service area
  • Goal (Cross-sell or raise awareness)
  • Type (Case study or blog)

7. The Right Plan and Resources

It’s important to define your goals for a B2B marketing automation campaign.

Once you know your company’s marketing goals, you must introduce the right resources to help you reach them.

If you introduce the wrong processes or fail to use the right tools, you could thwart your success.

If you combine marketing automation with a strong sales team, there will be no stopping your business.

B2B Marketing Automation Conclusion

B2B marketing automation not only drives leads but can dramatically boost your conversion rate.

What’s more, a business can engage with customers while growing their brand awareness.

If you hope to attract more business clients, discover the best strategy and tools to grow your company.


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