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What we did

PB2 approached theFUZE to completely overhaul their existing web presence. The current state their website didn’t reflect the success of the brand or the quality of their product. In addition, the technical support team needed new digital tools to provide their customers with the quick, easy frictionless knowledge where to purchase their products.


PB2 and theFUZE decided that the WordPress CMS with a Destini integration would provide the best platform to create a unique and functional brand experience for their customers to interact with the PB2 product experience.


We strategically reorganized existing content to better facilitate a positive user experience, with a specific concentration on getting a user to their information with as few clicks as possible. Integrating with Destinis’ product locator software allowed us to us streamline a faster, cleaner website. Featured recipes were included into a custom-built blog and promoted by PB2 through their social channels.


PB2’s new website reflects their high quality product offerings and serves as a highly effective platform for future growth. With the new features, the user experience to obtain product information for local and online purchase has been streamlined into a frictionless process.


visit www.PB2foods.com

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