Brand Development


A good brand will reflect, enhance and support the quality of the product or service.  When a brand begins to look “behind the times,” its reputation suffers.

We partner with companies in all stages of brand development, whether in creating a logo and set of guidelines for a new brand or refreshing presentation templates and sales materials for a well-established brand.






Corporate Identity

Brand Standards

Brand Launch

Related Work

D9 Brewery

D9 had been producing award-winning beer, but criticism was that they didn’t take their brand seriously. Enter theFUZE. We rebranded all their packaging, elevated their look to be on par with their quality beer that they produce!

We Can Help Strengthen Your Brand


theFUZE partners with full service manufacturers to drive their brands to their target market.


We understand the design of facilities, the nuts and bolts of the operation, the pain points that an operator deals with daily.

Food and Beverage Companies

You have a vision for your product. We can help you bring it into reality.

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