Swanson Girard Website


Swanson-Girard represents some of the most recognized and respected manufacturers in the full service industry.  They didn’t just want to upgrade to a new website, they wanted to create a dynamic “launchpad” for their business.  The “launchpad” needed to include media-rich content, social media and ever-changing event listings incorporated to draw maximum repeat users.  The site would be mobile responsive and have a look and feel that was representative of their company.


Using the Growth-Driven design model, we set out to create a site that had everything they wanted now and can be expanded upon to accommodate what their future needs might be. The new site is truly a “launchpad” for everyone – employees, reps and customers alike.


The final product was something that brought the Swanson-Girard brand to a new level. Not only did it provide detailed information about the company and the brands they represent, it also gave them the capability to feature upcoming events, promote their brand via social media, and provide a place for their various reps to access private information.


Additional phases coming soon will incorporate a private portal for various types of users to access order tracking, promotions and other features specific to the user’s industry.

From the Client

I would recommend and have recommended theFUZE to any business looking to make a digital impact in their market. The whole theFUZE team walked us through social media and website design from inception to implementation to perfecting. They took every suggestion and guideline we originally had and improved upon it through the creativity and expertise of their staff. They were prompt, organized, ingenious, and most importantly delivered a product to us that is second to none in our industry.

Sean Girard, Owner – Swanson-Girard & Associates