Increase customer engagement and brand perception on Amazon.

O’Keefe’s Company (a subsidiary of The Gorilla Glue Company) creates best-in-class skincare products.  In 2017, they decided that their Amazon presence did not adequately reflect their brand standards.  O’Keefe’s commissioned theFUZE to refresh, update and organize the Amazon Product Pages for their entire line of products.


Product photography, graphic design, Amazon A+ Content design and optimization.

theFUZE photographed the entire O’Keefe’s line to match Amazon’s image standards.  We created a series of infographics to highlight each product’s key features, and added existing in-use shots, before-and-after pictures and videos as needed.

We then completely overhauled the A+ Content section of each product page to showcase all additional information.  We generated a collection of copy and visual graphics to make each page as easy-to-use and visually interesting as possible.


O’Keeffe’s new product pages reflect the high quality of their external branding.  O’Keefe’s continues to maintain dominance in the market and consistently earns the designations of “Amazon’s Choice” and “Best Seller.”

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